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Everything post-sales

Glass lets brands convert their packages into personalized smart packages that sell more.

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Why Glass?

Build A Relationship

Help your buyers build a happy relationship with your brand through your products' lifecycle.

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Protect Your Brand

Real-time authentication using cryptographically secured Crystal Codes.

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Get Analytics

Insights into your product's journey that you've never had access to, until now.

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One dashboard for everything post-sales.

How it works


Add our code to your packages, and convert them to smart packages.


Your buyer scans the product with their camera to interact with it.


You get validated intelligence of your products directly from customers.

Get all this,and more.

Zero Latency Engagement

Your customers get product information faster than googling it.

Automated Customer Service

Automate post-sales experiences easily in just a few clicks.

Analytics from Beyond

Get validated and actionable sales data for strategic decision making.

Cryptographic Security

Empower customers to authenticate and engage with your products.