Retention That Works Like Magic

Consumer brands use glass to convert their packages into a whole new sales channel. 🪄

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Delight your buyers✨

Deliver interactive digital experiences with your physical products like never before. Give your customers real-time access to your products' data.

Zero Latency Engagement

Personalised Experiences

Automated Customer Service

Build A Relationship 🤝

Help your buyers build a happy relationship with your brand through your products' life cycle. Retain your existing buyers with experiential brand activation.

Direct Sales Channel

Authentic Feedbacks

Offer Discounts and more..

Take an even closer look🔍

Know your customers using our web-like analytics for
physical products. Get insights into your product's journey that you've never had access to, until now.

Engagement Analytics

Validated Feedback

Real-time Authentication

Unleash the full power of QR Codes⚡

One Code You'll Ever Need
Easily setup your product's support.
Speed, scale, and security
Track your products by
unit or batch.
Never Before Anaytics.

One dashboard for everything post sales.