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Generate Codes

Our codes can adapt to any production setup without disrupting the existing production flow. It also comes in the shape of QR, NFC, RFID, & more.


Tag Your Products

Code Export

You can export the unique cryptographic codes and incorporate them directly on your branding labels or packages.

Branded Drop-ins

Easiest way of tagging your products by downloading and adding our customizable tags to your shipments.


For large scale manufacturers, we provide automated solutions for you to easily integrate glass into your production line.


Get Insights

Foresee inventory requirements, product improvement needs, customer behaviour patterns and from our advanced analytics dashboard.

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Get all this,and more.

Zero Latency Engagement

Your customers get product information faster than googling it.

Automated Customer Service

Automate post-sales experiences easily in just a few clicks.

Analytics from Beyond

Get validated and actionable sales data for strategic decision making.

Cryptographic Security

Empower customers to authenticate and engage with your products.