Crystal Codes

Protect your products using some of the
best military-grade cryptographic and mathematical models.

Grid like security


Universally identify the product batch and Individual units(SKUs) without any other context.


The previous or next code that is generated cant be predicted.

Blockchain Based

The codes are stored within Glass Grid(TM) cryptographic chains.

5 layer mechanism to protect your products.

Trusted Agent Verification

Glass independently acts as a trusted agent between brands and their consumers, vouching for the authenticity of the product.

The Glass Grid

Glass generates a chain of cryptographic keys and hashes devoted to each brand, signed by a master key that are stored within our high-throughput blockchain based backend with best industry standards.

Fractional Traceability

Glass can generate unit tracker codes for each product of every batch or a whole batch to identify them individually from the batch signature itself.

The Auditors

Consumers act as auditors who validate the product through its journey from the brand to the customers; in return, they are rewarded with rich experience and better relations with the brand through our app.

The Response

Glass gets additional information when a consumer scans - any product with an issue, duplicate or fake code, or if the product movement isn't as expected to be; and we initiate a process to retrieve the suspicious package and provide intelligence to the brand.